Sunday, February 2, 2014

Cardiff Kook 5K Run

I was so excited to sign up for the Cardiff Kook Run...I hadn't done it in prior years, but from the looks of all the photos with people dressed up, I thought this would be such a fun 5K. (there's some good history on this statue!)

 photo CardiffKookCollage1_zps96c5f04f.jpg

With the race falling on Super Bowl Sunday, we thought it'd be fun to dress up like football players - but then we also had the idea of one of us dressing up like an actual football - Chels did a great job making her shirt! Her friend joined us as well, so I was planning on being a referee, but couldn't find anything to wear (without spending a lot on an actual ref shirt!).
 photo IMG_2789_zpse07aa9e3.jpg

People get crazzzzy with their costumes though, and there is a prize for the winner...which this year was a group of people that dressed up like the COASTER! It was crazy!! Check out this Post by

I found my SWEET glasses, fake tattoos, football whistles (which were annoyingly fun!) and green striped socks at Party City, the 'eye black' sickers from Sports Authority and the shirt randomly at Ross - it came together perfectly!

 photo CardiffKookCollage2_zpsb5ad7181.jpg

The run itself was beautiful - along Hwy 101... and though it was pretty cold when we first got there, it was the perfect running weather! Since the length of the 1/2 way mark for the 5K run didn't get down to the actual Cardiff Kook himself, we decided to drive down to see him & take a few pics...then off to a yum breakfast! This will definitely be a yearly run for me! Can't wait to think up another outfit to wear!

 photo IMG_2828_zpseca6a93a.jpg


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